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We are here to eliminate the longing for our people, by presenting domestic products, who are scattered all over the World. We are at the service of various supermarkets, hypermarkets, food wholesalers and ethnic markets with our more than 3000 product range. We carry out the loading and customs procedures in accordance with the country and product standards to be preferred.

By making product labeling according to the language of the country you are in, we make the products in compliance with the country standards and we make your sales easier.

Leading companies in olive exports, Ebi Export, under the brand Ege İncisi (Aegean Pearl), provides services in pickles, spices, pomegranate sauce, cookies, and confectionery products to Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa, especially olives. Ebi exports Ege İncisi (Aegean Pearl), black olives, green olives, grape vinegar, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, salty cookies, sweet cookies, pebble chocolate, hazelnut dragee, almond dragee, pickles, mixed pickles, pickled hot peppers, vine leaf olives, serves wholesalers, retailers, and supermarkets with the pomegranate sauce, spice varieties, lemon sauce products. Also can be custom-made with your own brand(private label).